112046003 Earrings : Gracefulness
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Earrings : Gracefulness : Silver Plated

Silver-plated hoops and studs with a cool and elegant look Small, fine silver balls adorn both hoops and studs The silver-plated hoops measure 12 mm in diameter 3-in-1 set, a total of 6 earrings Use the earrings separately or together for a strong, feminine look

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Ornate silver-plated hoops and studs in a simple, timeless design. The silver-plated hoops and earpieces have a vivid and playful appearance with the fine, small silver details in various sizes, placed arbitrarily. The earrings embrace the charismatic femininity and coolness of the Gracefulness collection through their simple, elegant design.

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Earrings : Gracefulness